Land forms

Live session EP with Bebop Artist Project (2024)

Fierce winds on the mountain ridge, desert that swallow time, ripples that wave between islands……Walking on different kinds of landforms, Taiwanese jazz singer-songwriter YenTing Lo put her observations and memories into a series of musical poems.

In collaboration with the Bebop Artist Project, YenTing invited three other Taiwanese jazz musicians: Shaohuan Hung (sheng), Gin Lin (guitar) and Debby Wang (vibraphone) to this afternoon live session, to explore how such special instrumentation portray these four different landscapes.


站在山脊上面對疾風、走在隨時能吞沒時間的沙漠、浮盪在群島間的漣漪……數次榮獲金音獎的爵士創作歌手羅妍婷將行走於不同土地的觀察與記憶,濃縮在這一首首的詩曲裡,完成了 Land forms 這一系列以地形為主題的原創作品。 與 Bebop Artist Project 的合作,妍婷邀了另外三位台灣爵士樂手:洪紹桓(笙)、林華勁(吉他)及王思雅(鐵琴),以特別的樂器編制,在一個下午完成了這場 Live session ,衝撞並勾勒出這四種不同的風景地形。

— 曲目介紹 —
• 群島 Archipelago
• 山脊 Ridge
• 高地 Highlands
• 沙丘 Dunes


Production - 羅妍婷 YenTing Lo, Bebop Artist Project
Music & lyrics - 羅妍婷 YenTing Lo

Vocal & flute - 羅妍婷 YenTing Lo
Guitar - 林華勁 Gin Lin
Sheng - 洪紹桓 ShaoHuan Hung
Vibraphone - 王思雅 Debby Wang

Recording, mixing & mastering - 黃志煜 Jason Huang
Recording Space - 爵式 WiJazz Records
Cover Art - 陳宇芯 Hsin