“Her extraordinary compositions and arrangements express a broad musical imagination, highly outstanding level and an explosion of art on many different levels."

This is me

來自台灣高雄的八年級生,自小喜愛彈琴唱歌、自學創作,畢業於成功大學工業設計系之後,毅然決然轉換跑道專攻爵士樂。 以高分畢業於阿姆斯特丹音樂院,更獲得「透過傑出的作曲編曲技巧傳遞了非常寬廣的音樂想像,兼具成熟的歌唱技巧及爆發性的藝術水準」之好評。

赴荷蘭求學主修爵士演唱的過程中,妍婷獲得歐洲市場更多矚目,2014年於瑞典斯德哥爾摩知名民謠音樂中心舉行首次個人全創作音樂會。 更曾與荷蘭國家音樂廳爵士大樂團(JOC)及荷蘭知名爵士歌手菲·克拉森同台演出,活躍於荷蘭各大小音樂節。 2019年入選全球互聯藝術協會(GAIA)樂團,受邀前往荷蘭知名爵士展演中心Bimhuis及義大利西恩納夏日爵士營演出。

2019年發行跨界創作專輯 《葉片之上》之外,妍婷持續挑戰突破音樂框架,於2020年推出「邊聽邊玩」互動音樂專輯《Off-Score》,透過遊戲的互動性,創造不同的音樂聆聽體驗。 同年也與波蘭吉他手Mateusz Pulawski合作發行《The 13th Heron》,風格更加獨樹一格,透過整張專輯展開一場宇宙之旅。

This is also me

Jazz singer, songwriter, arranger and flutist, YenTing was born and raised in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam in 2019.

With a foundation of classical piano and flute at a young age, she grew up singing in choirs and playing in school orchestras. Self-taught as a singer-songwriter, she won several singing competitions during her period of high school and university. YenTing stepped into the world of jazz after she attended the Taipei International Summer Jazz Academy, and was selected as outstanding student to perform in Tokyo Senzoku music school. Later on she founded the jazz club in NCKU in 2011, and became active in all the jazz stages in Taiwan. During her exchange year(2013-2014) in Stockholm, she held her first singer-songwriting concert in the well-known Izzy Young’s Folklore Centrum, where her ability has been recognized by many local musicians. In Taipei Jazz Festival 2015, she performed with NTU Riot Jazz orchestra as a lead vocalist, and was selected to perform in Youth Elite Ensemble. YenTing received more attention after the arrival to Amsterdam. Besides performing in all kinds of stages in the Netherlands, she got selected to perform with Fay Claassen and the Big Band Academy with the Jazz Orchestra of Concertgebouw in 2018. In 2019, she also got chosen to be the singer of the G.A.I.A ensemble (Global Association for Interconnective Arts) and was invited to perform in Bimhuis and the Siena Jazz International Summer Workshop.

In 2019, YenTing released her first album Epiphyllum, an album composed, arranged, sung and produced all by herself, performed by YenTing’s jazz band featuring Cheng string quartet. In 2020, YenTing also embarks on an experimental project called the Off-Score Project using video games for musical presentation which got funded by Stimuleringsfonds. Later in the same year, she released another crossover space-journey album called The 13th Heron in collaboration with guitarist/producer Mateusz Pulawski.