YenTing started learning classical piano and classical flute at a young age, when she also sang in city chior and played in school orchestra throughout her childhood.

Inspired by Joss Stone and Aretha Franklin, she learned to sing pop soul music while playing piano by herself, and won some singing competitions. She stepped into the world of jazz after she attended the International Taipei International Summer Jazz Academy, and was selected as outstanding student to perform in Tokyo Senzoku music. Later on she founded the jazz club in NCKU in 2011, and became more and more active in all the jazz stages in Taiwan.

During her exchanging year(2013-2014) in Stockholm, she focused more on her songwriting and had her songwriting concert once in Izzy Young’s Folklore Centrum, where her ability has been approved by many local musicians. In 2015 Taipei Jazz Festival, she performed with NTU Riot Jazz orchestra as a lead vocalist, and was selected to perform in Youth Elite Ensemble.

She's currently studying Jazz vocal and jazz flute in Conservertarium van Amsterdam. Besides performing, YenTing also gives lessons and does scoring for films and video games.